Welcome to the 2021 INSA Online Conference

Collaboration: Working together towards improved attendance.

13-14 October 2021

Keynote speakers

Hedy N. Chang

Executive Director, Attendance Works in the USA

Megan Gilmour

CEO of ‘Missing School’ in Australia

David Heyne

INSA Co-Founder and Leiden University in The Netherlands

Chris Varney

Founder and Chief Enabling Officer of the ‘I CAN Network’ in Australia

Just Announced - Invited Speakers:

Hans Schuman

University of Erasmus, The Netherlands

Deborah Gray and colleagues

School Can’t, Australia

Kristof de Witte

KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business, Belgium

Sandra Inserra & Kerryn Williams

Navigator Program, Anglicare (Sandra Inserra), Department of Education & Training (Kerryn Williams), Australia

Conference Registration is now open

The price for conference registration is AUD$225 (€145 estimated).

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Conference.

Conference Committee

Glenn Melvin

Deakin University, Australia

Lisa McKay Brown

University of Melbourne, Australia

Naoki Maeda

Kyushu University of Health and Welfare, Japan

Irma de Wit

Association Secondary Education North Kennemerland, the Netherlands

Lana Van Den Berge

University of Ghent, Belgium


Deakin University